If you would like to schedule a virtual training, behavior or nutritional consult via Zoom, with Stacy or a member of her team, please email Stacy at wwwdogs@me.com, and she will schedule at your convenience.

Marie Higney

Marie has always surrounded herself with animals from the time she was a young girl growing up and would come home with strays in dire need of a home. At one time or another she would always find herself living among dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils, chicks, and whatever other animal she may have found along the way.

But it was adopting and training her own dog Sophie which lead Marie down the path to a life committed to serve, help, and train animals. A few years later came Jay, a rescue from NYC's Animal Care & Control. He came to Marie as a foster dog, but his many issues became obvious almost immediately and needed to be dealt with - this sealed the deal and it was decided he would stay forever. He has come a long, long way, but continues to be a work in progress.

In 2000, Marie studied obedience and behavioral training under Stacy Alldredge of Who's Walking Who and is now the senior trainer for the company. She has volunteered at local NY animal shelters & rescue groups, regularly fosters and trains rescue animals in her home until a permanent adopter is found, and has assisted "A Cause For Paws" rescue organization in "temperament testing" shelter animals in an effort to save the animals most suitable for adoption. Marie is a member of the "Association of Pet Dog Trainers" and continues to attend seminars and workshops to further her education.

She teaches all levels of obedience including basic, intermediate, advanced and tricks. Her work includes training clients with typical puppy issues such as housetraining, barking, chewing, jumping, mouthing, and nipping to more severe issues such as separation anxiety, fear, and mild aggression.

Marie subscribes to the philosophy that it is important to treat the "whole dog" not just a particular issue a dog may be having. Her consultations include discussions on diet, exercise, and quality of life, in addition to obedience and behavioral training. Her goal is to educate people about the importance of every dog having a full life and what that entails. She aims to move people from the old school of thought that walking and feeding our dogs twice a day is enough to be considered a fulfilled and well-balanced life. She wants to show us how to provide the enriched lives our pets need & deserve and how easy it is to do! Making sure our dogs have a a clear & confident leader, obedience training, a healthy diet, a daily dose of mental stimulation, enough outdoor exercise, and plenty of socialization with other dogs are all key to a well-behaved happy pet.