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Nicolle Pillartz

A few years after moving to Brooklyn, I adopted a big, sweet dog from a local rescue organization. Hank was from Georgia and it was clear he was going to have a very tough time adjusting to life in NYC. He was shy, nervous and scared of just about everything he encountered. A short walk around the block terrified him. About the only time he seemed comfortable was when he was in the company of other dogs. I quickly realized that love alone wasn't going to be enough to help this guy and that I needed help. Over the coming months, I worked with a professional trainer, developing the skills I needed to build Hank's confidence, show him how to live successfully in the city and help him become the happy, well-adjusted dog he is today. The experience was incredibly rewarding and was the start of a journey that brought me to Who's Walking Who.
I have spent the years since adopting Hank (and later Dixie) working with dogs to help them develop the basic skills they need to be successful and to address a variety of common behavioral issues such as fearfulness, reactivity, and separation anxiety. I discovered I have a passion for this work and these dogs and am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.
In addition to my work as a trainer, I am an active volunteer with the organization that rescued Hank and Dixie. I have visited shelters in the South to meet, test and identify dogs who may be candidates for adoption. I have been able to help find great homes for countless deserving animals. For me, there are few things better than witnessing the joy that comes when someone meets their new furry family member and knowing you helped make it happen!