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Amy Roa

Amy Roa

As a little girl, growing up in New York City, I dreamt of running away to Alaska with a pet wolf. I was obsessed with anything with four legs and a tail. My home became a zoo as my parents allowed me to collect animal after animal. At the peak of my zoo keeper status, I had one Bichon Frise, one Chow, one alley cat, two parakeets, one guinea pig, three tropical fish, and one turtle. Needless to say, I couldn't wait to come home from school and play with them all.

After my stint as resident zoo keeper of my own home, I went off to the wilds of Upstate New York, where I studied Creative Writing at Bard College and at Sarah Lawrence College. Writing poetry with robins flying above was idyllic, but I missed my pets back home. By that time, only the turtle and the Bichon remained, and by the end of my studies, I had no pets at all.

I wasn't built for a life without a dog, so I turned to a local rescue, and adopted Freddie, a dreamy Pit Bull mix with a penchant for kisses and peanut butter. LOTS of peanut butter! Oh, and a healthy dose of seperation anxiety too. I wasn't prepared for his nervous barking and the doors he tried to chew through when left alone. I read up on dog behavior and positive reinforcement training and I went to work on helping Freddie be all he could be. I was instantly hooked on dog training.

Working through Freddie's severe anxiety issues has taught me to be a more patient and understanding dog owner. I'm so happy to apprentice under the Who's Walking Who team and can't wait to start helping owners forge healthy relationships with their pets.

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