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Pat Adams

Pat Adams

Magic is a border collie mix and has been a client of Stacy's since forever! Actually, since 1997. He was about 4 months old when his owner, who was attempting to give him away to anyone who would take him, handed him over to me. After 2 walks he knew his block and building and he was pretty pleased with his new digs on a cushy rug under my kitchen counter. He learned to sit and come in no time and stopped pulling on his leash with no particular direction from me.

I hadn't had a dog in over 10 years, but I had always wanted a border collie and I was really quite taken with him. We went to the dog run (what's that?!) had play dates, and catalogs filled with ridiculous dog stuff started coming to my house.Everything was going along fine until Magic was about 9 months old and my fun-loving, precocious dog was barking and lunging at every dog in his path, going after old ladies with shopping carts or umbrellas, babies in strollers and the neighbors when we exited the building. I had never used a trainer before but knew if I didn't get professional help I would be evicted or worse. Besides, I was determined that no guy was going to get the better of me! To be honest, I went looking for an exorcist and found Stacy and Who's Walking Who instead.

Over the past 9 years, with love, an on-going holistic program of creative behavior modification, and a nutrition makeover, Magic is still an intense dog, but we've learned to manage his fear aggression more than I had ever hoped for and he excels in obedience to an advanced level. He's a natural in agility and I was so proud of him when he performed a routine (off leash!) at the 2000 Great All American Mutt Show. By the way, that big brown dog in the picture came to me second-hand through Stacy. Mika is a roller derby queen trapped in a labrador's body, but with consistency and perseverance and lots of training she has become a great dog! Oh, and I forgot. During a training session we rescued a kitten in Washington Square Park. Washington has grown into a very cool cat and keeps the dogs in line.

There are so many things to get around to in life and then so many more. I've danced, participated in improvisational theater, been a magician's assistant, and Mom to four kids. Right now, to feed the pack, I'm a mediator of sorts for the MTA. But I've always been drawn to those souls who live on the edge. Early on in my life I was an advocate for migrant farm worker rights, the peace movement and affordable housing, and it doesn't strike me as strange at all that after my own experience I want to help owners and their dogs become the best companions they can be for each other. Besides, what could be more fun than to get up every morning and hang out with dogs!

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