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Anna McLean

I am infinitely grateful for the companionship and unconditional love that I received from my first dog Ernie, a stubborn, 1-year-old beagle we adopted when I was 13-years old. Though we had some major behavioral hurdles to overcome, I knew then that the bond he and I shared was both unique and something to be cherished. I still feel lucky for all that Ernie taught me.

A number of years later, I rescued Oscar, an underweight Maltese/Yorkie X, who was living in horrible conditions.  I was shocked that his previous owner was so emotionally disconnected from him that he didn’t understand how to meet Oscar’s needs. This was the moment when I realized I wanted to do more. Inspired by Oscar’s situation, I made the decision to formally educate myself with the goal of helping others understand that having a dog can be an amazing learning experience; one full of love and growth.

After significant research, I enrolled with Catch Canine Training Academy, because of their focus on humane training practices. After completion of their program, I joined Who’s Walking Who, to advance my knowledge of behavior and training under Stacy Alldredge, and to work in the city I grew up in. I am thrilled to be a part of such a knowledgeable and talented team of trainers whose passion inspires me on a daily basis.