Our Philosophy

A dog’s behavioral issue is a family’s issue. You may not realize that your actions (or inactions) have a big impact on how your dog behaves. House-training, fear, destruction, and aggression are all impacted by the degree of daily physical attention, affection and mental stimulation (in the forms of training and games) your dog receives, how active his social life is, and how much outside physical activity he gets (regardless of size or breed). We are here to help you balance all of these aspects in order to form a happy, stress-free, harmonious bond with your dog while at the same time giving your dog the stimulated, active life he deserves.

We have a holistic view when diagnosing a behavioral issue, and analyze the Whole Dog.  We believe that enhancing these key factors in your dog's life will result in a more balanced and happy family pet:  Nutrition, Exercise, Socialization, Obedience