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Tanya Turgeon

From the moment I entered this world I have loved dogs. At the age of 10, I was finally allowed to adopt my first rescue—a 10-pound terrier mix named Spunky. He had a lot of dislikes; (baths, cars, dogs, boys, vets…), but he did love learning tricks! Our relationship seemed to confirm my life-long dream to become a veterinarian. 

Fast-forward 16-years. I did not become a veterinarian, but I did continue to learn tricks! —in the form of juggling, stilt walking, and other circus skills. After performing at a theme park and on cruise ships, I took my performing career to NYC. 6-months later a rescue Pitbull landed in my lap and I never looked back.

What was supposed to be a foster situation became a permanent one, and it changed my life forever. My love of dogs grew exponentially through Elsie, who would be my best friend, family, and mentor for nearly a decade. Through her I was inspired to volunteer at Animal Care Centers for two years helping shelter dogs.

When Elsie passed away, I was heartbroken but adopted another Pittie one-month later. Gracie had a rough past, but she absolutely loves training and learning tricks, which inspired me to want to learn more and pursue my love of dogs in a professional way. I’m super grateful for the opportunity to work and learn with the Who's Walking Who team.  When I’m not with dogs, I continue to perform and teach circus skills in NYC and beyond.